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"Type what you hear" and "Translate this text" phrases don't sound sometimes

I'm currently learning Norwegian (thank you for the opportunity!). I've been practicing the second lesson of the Plurals skill (the one leftmost just before the first test-out lock) when I found that, after a certain point (about half-way through) audio phrases - the pronounciation of what you hear or read - stopped appearing. In the "Translate" situations I can make it sound by hovering over a word, as usual. However, in "Type what you hear" I can't make it go off even by pressing both normal-speed and turtle-speed buttons. There's no way to complete the lesson because skipping it throws me back too far to regain ground until another such mute "Type" phrase shows up. I haven't tried this with other courses, I must admit, and I haven't heard of or had such issues before.

EDIT: I may have figured out the reason. It first happened with phrases involving the word "mange", even though in the next lesson it is spoken out with no problems at all. However, sometimes in the third and fourth lessons the word "noen" gets the same treatment - oddly enough, only sometimes.

May 27, 2015



Sometimes audio quirks are due to Flash throwing a hissyfit, even if it's site-specific. Try checking your Flash settings: whitelist Duolingo.com, restart your browser, and even reboot if needed.


I did whitelist all plugins for Duolingo when I first used it (through Chrome), which still stands, and, like I said in the original message, I never had such issues before with any of the courses I've attended. Flash doesn't even indicate I visited the website, therefore not allowing me to tamper with the settings for it.


And rebooting didn't help? Bummer. Trying a different browser would rule out whether the issue is with Chrome, but after that I have no other ideas. Hopefully someone else will.


I've just checked it with Firefox. The issue is there still, but I think I've found out what it is: it only happened in sentences which contain the word "mange". I could still hear it from moving cursor over it, so I didn't think it might have been an issue. I just went on to the next lesson: the word "mange" is spoken out just fine, yet sometimes, when the word "noen" is involved, phrases aren't spoken out. I must underline: sometimes, so it may not the word.


Oooohhhhhh. The Swedish course was having issues when it first started, and some words didn't come out right at all. I think the course mods were considering jettisoning all speech because the TTS was so terrible. (And it was the best of the available options.)

Perhaps something similar is going on? That is, perhaps certain words do not come out right at all and so the course creators decided to make those sentences not have audio?


Like I said: the mentioned word do sound when you hover the cursor over them, and they sound fine - as far as I can tell, the pronounciation isn't weird (no sudden high pitches or anything to that matter) and isn't that far away from what I imagine the text would sound like.

The issue is - they aren't pronounced automatically or at all sometimes, and as far as I can tell, those hiccups are correlated to the appearance of the mentioned words. The TTS voice is the clearest and most precise I've heard so far on Duolingo, so I hope's simply a matter of rewriting a few strings of code.


SO TRUE. but all i can do is refresh and start over :(

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