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"The bear is writing a long love letter to the girl, because it thinks she is so beautiful."

Translation:Bjørnen skriver et langt kærlighedsbrev til pigen, fordi den synes hun er så smuk.

May 27, 2015



What is up with this bear and the girl?! :D


The heart wants what it wants.


Why is "Bjørnen skriver et langt kærlighedsbrev til pigen, fordi den synes AT hun er så smuk." wrong?


Yes, as far as I understand, the usage of at with synes is optional; it can be ommitted. But it should be correct when it is not ommited. So it should be accepted.

I have checked many sentences given by Duolingo, here are two of them: One with at and the other without at, when the synes structure is before a whole sentence:



Does anyone know for sure?


"langtkærlighedsbrev" - I created a new compound word, but am simply told "You missed a space."


Well, I've been taught by DUO that the continuous aspect in Danish could be expressed with the help of such word combinations as "staar og skriver", "sidder og skriver" or " er ved at skriver", etc. Then what is wrong with "Bjoernen sidder og skriver et langt kaerlighedsbrev til....."?

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