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who wants to learn serbo croatian? i am writing a few words =)

cao = hello kako si = how are you hvala = thanks dobro sam = i am fine sta radis = what are you doing gledam tv = i watch tv citam knjigu = i read a book idem da spavam - i go to sleep zasto = why zato sto sam umoran = because i am tired lepo spavaj = sleep nice laku noc = good night dobro jutro = good morning dodji na dorucak = come to breakfast hvala nisam gladan = thanks i am not hungry hoces da pijes nesto = do you want to drink something samo vocni sok = only fruit juice idem na posao = i go to work srecan rad = good work etc

that is it if you want more words i will write =)

May 27, 2015



Thanks. The majority of them are understandable from Czech, and presumably from other Slavic languages, although often the meaning of the words is shifted a bit along with the pronunciation. Can I make two requests? I think it would be easier to read with double line breaks between the phrases, i.e.

cao = hello

kako si = how are you

hvala = thanks

dobro sam = i am fine


Also, could you show both the Cyrillic and Latin versions?


you are welcome and i am glad you are interested in serbian =) yes i understand a bit slovak and they have many similarities =P sorry i am new here so i dont know to make this and i dont use cyrilic script


Hvala ti puno kris! (je to tvoje ime?)


my real name is christina but they call me kris (nickname) and you are welcome =)

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