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"Der er ikke noget center i min by."

Translation:There is not a mall in my town.

May 27, 2015



There is 'not a mall' sounds like weird English to me. I could say "there is not a single mall" to point out that there are no malls at all but just like that it sounds weird.


It doesn't sound weird to me. If you were incredulous at how strange it was that there was not a mall, you would say, "not a single mall" or "not one single mall", but just stating the fact that there is not a mall in the city doesn't strike me as odd.

"Where's the mall?" "There's not a mall in this city." "You're telling me that there's not a single mall here?!"

Something like that.


In UK English, "there is no mall" - "not a" just sounds wrong, although you would definitely hear "there isn't a shopping centre". Incidentally, it wouldn't accept "shopping centre" - being UK English, I'm quite offended that my answer is marked wrong! Lol


"There is no mall" would sound just fine here, as well.

Did you report "shopping centre"? They're pretty good about adding regional variants if there's enough interest.


I keep reporting a couple of instances in each lesson during this Danish course; The "mapping" between Danish and English is generally less good than all other lingos I have testes @DuoLingo. I'm a native Norwegian (very close to Danish) and like to believe that my English is also decent. In spite of this, I keep getting lots of errors simply because the English translation is often very literal (unnatural) and because there are very few answers accepted for each exercise in the Danish course.

In this exercise, I would instinctively say "no mall in my town" rather than "not a mall". The latter seems natural to me only if emphasising by adding 'single' or similar --> "not a single mall".

Also, the word 'any' is generally disallowed by Duo despite sounding more natural in most cases than 'a'. (Example: 'He didn't bring any money.')

Finally, the course is confused as to whether sg. or pl. is to be used in English when negating a sentence (mix of "there's not a mall" vs. "there's no mall[s]" vs. there's not any apple[s] left"). The same confusion applies to nouns that only has one form in English, e.g. 'a series' and 'several aircraft'.

Please keep reporting -- that's how the courses get better! :-)


I reported "shopping centre", but I don't think anyone looks at our reports. Like you I find DL's pro-American English bias annoying.


Agree that the American bias is annoying, but I have received loads of confirmation emails saying "thanks for your suggestion -- it's now implemented", so I can confirm that somebody is indeed appreciating your reports! Keep it coming, reporting (as long as you're pretty confident you're right about the suggestion) is a great contribution to the community! :-)


How many times have you seen 'soccer' for football... Very annoying to get hit by those whips lashes! :-o


I don't understand what function "noget" has here. Can anyone explain? Why couldn't is just be "ikke center"?


"ikke noget" is a fixed phrase. That is just the way it is written.


The DL sentence is inexact and would not be used in this context. In Denmark you would say "indkøbscenter" (=shopping mall) in order not to confuse it with the many other kinds of "centers", i.e. medical centers, historical centers and, of course, center of the city, which we call centrum.


So this sentence cannot be interpreted as being about a city center?


one really has to pay attention to the pronunciation of 'center/centre' in danish, cause i was going for 'nogle centre', not 'noget center'. silly me.


Hmm. Why is it not storcenter?


Why noget, not nogen? Is it like mall is not countable?


Jeg tror at det er altid "ikke noget".


Why is the translation " a mall" and not "any malls"?

Wouldn't the Danish for "There is not a mall in my town" be "Der er ikke et center i min by"?


"not a mall" is the unit whose translation you should consider.


Not a good exercise sentence. It rejected "there is not some centre in my town." Perfectly good english.


I would rather write "There is not any centre". "There is not some" sounds wrong. But I am not native.


This actually means "There is no centre in my city" I can accept center being translated to mall, but translating the noget to not is just wrong it doesn't make sense in English and is not what the words appear to translate to from Danish.


I think that Der er intet center i min by is correct too.


It didnt accept "center"? Only "centre"!


Er du sikkert?


Why not just say: "There is no mall"?


This is an odd combination of a sentence where it says 'nothing' but it is actually 'not a'


There is no mall in my town or there is not a single mall in my town sounds more coherent than "not a mall". Nobody would really say that!


As a native speaker of American English the statement "a Mail" is very poor English. A much better translation "There is not any mail in my town." Better would be there is not any mail service in my town.


Maybe 'noget' for 'any'


Strange "there is not a mall" doesnt sounds right for me.

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