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Question About Word Strength

It seems that words which are shown as weak, or show several months since being practiced, are (or are very similar to) words which I've practiced recently. My question is: are words only strengthened by practicing the first sentence in which they are found in the tree, and all subsequent sentences which have the word aren't counted? For instance, the words "jours", "heures", "moments", "moment", "ans", "année", "semaine", "importante", "belle", "belles", "docteur" (which I know I've used within the past week or two), "docteurs", "maison" (which I've seen recently), "maisons", "verre", "fait" (as in "does" or "makes", which must be impossible to go long without seeing), "chose", and "chinois" are all shown as being last practiced 11 months ago, when I'm sure that I must have seen at least some (or most) of those words within the past few weeks, especially since my entire tree is now golden. (P.S. I've thought about this for a while, but I didn't really care much until they unveiled the "fluency" badge, and now I really care because I want my badge to be better!)

May 27, 2015



For me, it seems that duolingo keeps track of every conjugation seperately. For example, I have the word esse (I eat) on full strenght, while I have the word esst (you eat (plural)) on 1 strenght. Not sure if the French course is handled the same way.

Only way I have been able to get them to train is to find the one exact course they are trained on and keep repeating that lesson. Other way is to spam the flashcards, but they are currently broken for me at least.


Yeah, I've noticed that separate conjugations of the same verbs, or the singular and plural forms of the same nouns, don't really strengthen each other, but I can kind of understand that (especially with irregular conjugations or irregular plurals). But in a sentence like "vous aidez l'enfant" ("you help the child"), I think that if the sentence is meant to strengthen the word "aidez", the word "enfant" won't be strengthened.

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