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Time module doesn't actually teach communicating about the time?

Did I miss something or is that not there? Is it in another module? It explains how to ask what time it is, but doesn't really prepare you for the responses you may get. Things like phrases like "kvart paa" and "over halv" This is actually something I need more practice with because in norway phrases like "fem over halv ellleve" seem like they would mean five after 11:30 but really means five over 10:30.

I guess you would need numbers first in order to cover that, so why are numbers so far down the line? It looks like they're halfway through the course.

May 27, 2015

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Those sorts of expressions are in the numbers module, which as you point out, makes a fair amount of sense. It's fairly deep into the course (#31 of 75 skills) because we wanted the numbers lessons to be fairly interesting, and it's hard to deal in millions and billions when you're talking about turtles and sheep. Time is already a huge module, and we're not looking to expand it a great deal in the next tree. We might even want to split it up. Our tree is huge, and we're certainly looking to streamline it a bit more in the next version, but keep in mind the numbers chapter comes before any non-present verb form and is only two rows after objects, which are pretty necessary in order to build the numbers skill in the first place. Our course has 75 skills, which is a lot for a Duolingo tree. I do not believe that having the numbers skill, with all the information regarding actually telling time, modestly before the halfway point is at all detrimental to the end result, which is a solid foundation for Norwegian proficiency in reading and listening. Keep in mind that the other Duolingo courses have time and numbers in very similar positions, speaking in proportion to their sizes and in absolute terms. We always have the opportunity to add more sentences, even in this version, so your concerns have been heard and we appreciate the feedback :D

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