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How many Duolingo lessons / skills have to be covered to get to A1?

I would like to know how many lessons or skills of Duolingo has to be done to get to the A1 (elementary) level of European Framework and in which all skills?

Thanks, Best regards, Nikhil

May 27, 2015



Grammarwise, you actually learn a lot of things, so I'd say you reach B2 in Grammar.

But in terms of vocabulary, Duolingo teaches around 2000 words, which is barely the A2 level. So you have to resort to other resources to expand your vocabulary.


Our course specifically will get you around B1 (and a half), which I made sure we would reach while developing the curriculum. Ektoraskan is totally right about vocab!


I suppose there is no chance of an extension to C1 this year or next?


There is no chance of getting to C1 using Duolingo really. You have to go out into the world and use your language skills in a real context!


Comparing duo skills to CEFR levels is problematic. The CEFR exams, quite rightly, test four aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Many of the tests require at least a certain minimum score in each area in order to pass, in addition to a certain level overall. Duo doesn't really teach all of those. Speaking is particularly problematic. Many of us have the speaking exercises turned off because they are often quite buggy. Even if they are turned on, what they are testing is quite different from what the exams test. The speaking part of the exams is all about conversation. In principle it's possible to do the whole tree successfully and fail your A1 exam, although I don't remember anyone reporting that. In the reverse direction, even having a very high CEFR level doesn't necessarily mean you can breeze through all the skills. The main thing duo lessons teach, translation, is very deliberately not tested on CEFR exams. Also, duo's vocabulary can be quite idiosyncratic. So the only honest answer to your question is that it doesn't have an answer.


Subject to the usual caveats about Duolingo's limitations for developing oral language skills, a whole course to a completed and well-practised tree probably takes you to somewhere past A2 level but definitely short of a full B1. On that basis I'd guess that a solid 50-60% of a tree might correspond to an A1 level in reading/writing.

NB although language frameworks are typically couched in terms of skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) rather than knowledge (vocabulary, grammar), the correlation in testing between achieved scores and vocabulary knowledge is usually very high: there is no substitute for learning vocabulary!


The way Duo works, it will take a while to learn the vocab you would need for an A1, but the way Duo works, you will progress up to B2 in a very short time after reaching A1


You would get to A2 but Duo is very unlikely to get you to B2 (advanced intermediate) even after completing your tree. B1 (intermediate) is probably the highest you could achieve with Duolingo.


my main language is turkish. i study english for turkish speakers also turkish for english speakers. and i think you really should study hard because tukish is more diffucult than english. but if you study daily you can improve. and you have to speak with native speakers if you have chance


"OP" manase "original poster" yanı bu konuşmanın başlayan kişi. Nasıl "OP" diyoruz Türkçe? "OP" means the person who started this conversation. How can I say "OP" in Turkish please?

"OP"nın ana dili bilmiyoruz. Ana dilesi göre belki onun için İngilizce daha zor belki Türkçe. We do not know the OP's native language. Depending on their native language maybe English is more difficult or maybe Turkish.


i cant understand what you mean but i guess you want to say this: the person who started conversation=sohbeti başlatan kişi


Evet haklısınız. Ama kısaltma yok mı?


i am sorry but not


Hi I am the OP !!

My native language is Hindi and Malayalam. But I did my schooling in English. And I am a fluent French speaker too ( with a skill level of C1+ ) Turkish has loan words from many languages like Persian, Arabic and European languages. So there are many common words which I can easily recognize.

By the way, I have completed almost 45% of the tree in one month ( around 4 weeks ). But I still need to practice a lot. Most of the skills get down to 3/5 or 4/5 quite easily

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