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Include an "other" section in objections to incorrect answers.

I really like the option where you can tick a box when disputing an answer but sometimes the boxes don't provide the correct response. I've had several recently when the correct answer or answers simply don't make sense or use incorrect grammar and there is no option for this. I'm not talking about the odd bizarre combinations which I suspect are included for a reason but ungrammatical or nonsensical language. Is it possible to include an "other" section for these instances? There would be some increased workload but it would mean these would be followed up - something I've found Duolingo to be very good at.

December 26, 2012



Yep, we agree. We'll add this.


Today I tried to indicate that I thought a word ("legales") was being pronounced incorrectly. I too thought the options were lacking. My only choice was "something wrong with the original sentence".


I'd like to see a return of the comment box in the problem submission form. The comments box next to it is supposed to be about language issues, but too often it's about errors in the question and it ends up cluttering the discussion forums. It's also not clear if the feedback form on the far left of the page is for feedback about the current question or feedback in general. I'd like one place for each question where I can point of what's wrong and suggest a correction.


It would be nice if the comments which refer to a specific question had a link to that question. It would give other readers the option to look at the original problem and make informed comments.

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