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"L'orange a laissé un goût étrange dans ma bouche."

Translation:The orange left a strange taste in my mouth.

December 26, 2012



"the orange left me a strange taste in my mouth" is not correct english.


Agreed. "The orange has left a strange taste in my mouth" is accepted and I think sounds better.


Yep, it seems redundant

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Yes haha, it sounds a bit peculiar only unless this is an anthropomorphic orange that leaves strange tastes lying around in places/in its will.


I agree. One could say "The mailman left me a package in my mailbox" or "My friend left me a message at my aunt's house" however.


True. Perhaps because you can share a mailbox (the package could have been for your roommate) and an aunt (the message could have been for your cousin), but not a mouth (an orange can't leave someone else a bad taste in your mouth).


Always nice to see an overlap between polish and french, makes my life so much easier haha!


I was tempted to write that the orange has a strange after-taste but I chickened out and went with the more literal translation

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