Lets here some ideas, i'm pretty open to anything honestly as long as it's understandable from a speaking perspective.

May 27, 2015


Rock/pop: Trang fødsel, DeLillos, Postgirobygget

Rap/hiphop: Don Martin, Gatas parlament, Karpe diem

Singer/songwriter: Siri Nilsen, Ole Paus, Jan Eggum

Children's music: Knutsen og Ludvigsen, Alf Prøysen

I´m going to hear Rock Norwegian, thanks for tip!

I had so much trouble finding good Norwegian songs before, but when I Googled the first artist you listed and listened to the first video result, I loved it! :D Guess I wasn't looking hard enough before. Tusen takk!

i just started norwegian so i don't know too many musical groups yet. i enjoy siri nilsen though.

Jeg liker det, tussen tak!

I absolutely love Helen Boksle, and I have been listening to her music since 2009, even though I never studied Norwegian, I just absolutely love world music. She has beautiful music, check this one out. Such a strong and melodic voice. Also I think this song is patriotic of some sort.

P.S., absolutely gorgeous pics of Norway in that video too!

There's a huge list in this discussion. :)

Litt jentepop:

Kaja Gunnufsen - Au :

Ane Brun - Du gråter så store tåra :

Hilde Selvikvåg - Sjarmør :

What is "litt jentepop"?

[deactivated user]

    I'm a fan of Kaizers Orchestra, Razika, Siri Nilsen and Silja Sol personally :) but I'm discovering new (to me) artists all the time!

    Kaizers are excellent but from a speaking point of view.... Unless you're specialising in Stavanger dialect! Their music is really good though. Another artist who I love but she sings in full Bergensk is Gabrielle Leithaug, bit of everything with her but I love what she does. (And yes Q I'm gonna comment on everything you post :D)

    Collection of a lot of norwegian music. (Pop/Rock, christmas, children, funny songs and so on.)

    I like Erik og Kriss

    Röyksopp is nice... There's also Motorpsycho, I haven't taken the time to listen to them yet, but I want to.

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