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"This apartment is small and not expensive."

Translation:Ця квартира маленька і не дорога.

May 27, 2015



when do you use ця instead of це?


Ця - fem., цей - masc., це - neuter, ці - plural (all genders)


yes but in what situations? because sometimes i put це and it is correct no matter if there is a feminine noun or not.


це is either a neuter adjective pronoun (це молоко - this milk) or a demonstrative pronoun for all genders (це кіт - it's a cat)


is milk an adjective? i'm not understanding your answer here. in what situation would you use цей, ці, ця and not це?


No, but "this" is.

When you need to put "to be" after "this" use "це" (or if English sentence uses "it's"): It's a cat - це кіт, this is me - це я, these are girls - це дівчата.

If "this" is an adjective, use цей/ця/це/ці: this cat - цей кіт, this girl - ці дівчина, these books - ці книжки (These books are very interesting)


Це молоко дороге. (This milk is expensive) Це дороге молоко. (This is expensive milk)

Ця квартира дорога. (This apartment is expensive) Це дорога квартира (This is an expensive apartment).

Це simply happens to be an overlap between the meaning of "this is..." or "it is..." (це...) and "this" (цей/ця/це)

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