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  5. "Hvor går filmen?"

"Hvor går filmen?"

Translation:Where is the movie running?

May 27, 2015



I'm curious. Would 'Hvor går filmen?' be used to say 'Where is the film going?', as in, where is the story going from here?


Yes, it could also mean that. But without context, this sentence would most likely be interpreted as asking in which movie theatre this film is running.


Oh, interessant! Takk for det, TCAC2! : )


in american standard english, i think one would usually say "where is the film playing". of course, other english speaking countries likely use other words for "går" like running, showing, etc.


In the UK we'd be most likely to say 'where is the film showing?' or simply 'where is the film on?'


Could this also mean "How is the film doing?" or "How goes the film?"


If you're asking "where is the plot going?" then yes. But if you're asking how making the film is going, or if it's good so far, you'd use "Hvordan går filmen?".


"Where is the movie running?" means "Where is the movie being projected?"?


Yes, like "which cinema is the film being shown at"


Ah okay, bc as a native speaker of American English, this sentence makes no sense to me. Thanks for the explanation!


How is the film going?


That would need 'hvordan' not 'hvor' i believe.


In Spanish we say "la cinta va akí" meaning "the tape is placed here" or "should be placed here". I always thought that in English the same construction is valid, "the tape goes here", but now I really don't know. Is it not idiomatic? Or it works fine? If it works fine, can the same Norwegian phrase would work? Tusen takk.


"the tape is placed here" is grammatically correct in English.


I have literally no idea what this sentence means. "Where does the film go?" was not accepted though.


English can use "to run" in contexts like:

The play ran from 6 December to 20 December.
The movie runs for two hours.

Another translation: "Where is the film playing?". Ie, which movie theatres are screening the film?

In Norwegian, "går" basically means "walks". But it's also used in many other contexts. For instance, "Motoren går" ("The engine is running"). Ie, the engine is going, the engine has been turned on and is in operation mode.

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