"Legg til ett egg."

Translation:Add one egg.

May 27, 2015

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Er følgende korrekt?
"Legg ett egg til" = "Lay another egg"


Yes, that's correct.


Hearing exercise - how do I know if it's et or ett? Couldn't it be the first form and translate to: Add an egg?


Also, in English "add one egg" and "add an egg" are synonymous. It should be an acceptable answer.


Actually they should be pronounced differently. "en/ei/et" cannot (usually) be stressed, and are in practice always unstressed. "Én/ éi/ ett" on the other hand are always stressed. In the audio here it sounds unstressed to me. There are a few fixed expressions where it is allowed to write "en/ei/et" although they are stressed, as in constructions like "en/ei/et av..."+++


I think, Ett should have short sound and et long. E.g., tak vs takk


"et" and "ett" meaning "a/one" have the same vowel length, the only difference is stress, as described above. There is another word, "et", which is the imperative of the verb "ete" (eat), and that one does indeed follow the rules you describe, which are usually followed.


In 'tak,' the 'a' is more drawn out, or there is more emphasis on it, than the 'a' in 'takk'. In 'takk,' the k's are stressed.

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