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"She loves ice cream."

Translation:Hun elsker is.

3 years ago



Even though "elsker" seems to be the correct translation, I have to point something out. In the american/english language, the word "love" is used excessively about things and events, and can be defined to be closer to the word "like". The word "Elske" in norwegian is a serious word. A big word. Something you don't occasionally say about everything, even though most people are doing it. It's most used in the setting of a relationship.

3 years ago

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It is a serious word in relationships, you do not go around telling all the people in your life: "Jeg elsker deg", like some Americans might. It is used more liberally when referring to things and activites to stress your passion.

3 years ago


At least Norwegian didn't make the word for ice cream glass. stares angrily at Sweden

3 years ago

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Does "Hun elsker is" also work?

1 year ago


Apparently. I completely lacked the option for "iskrem" and it said "is" is now ice cream too.

1 month ago