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  5. "She loves ice cream."

"She loves ice cream."

Translation:Hun elsker is.

May 27, 2015



At least Norwegian didn't make the word for ice cream glass. stares angrily at Sweden


Even though "elsker" seems to be the correct translation, I have to point something out. In the american/english language, the word "love" is used excessively about things and events, and can be defined to be closer to the word "like". The word "Elske" in norwegian is a serious word. A big word. Something you don't occasionally say about everything, even though most people are doing it. It's most used in the setting of a relationship.


It is a serious word in relationships, you do not go around telling all the people in your life: "Jeg elsker deg", like some Americans might. It is used more liberally when referring to things and activites to stress your passion.


Why would you say if you were trying to say something like that? Is there another translation of love?


iskrem was literally not an option for me to selct from... Is this a glitch or is there another norsk work for ice cream?


Is is to iskrem what Coke is to Coca-cola.
It's very normal in Norway to refer to ice cream as is. :0)


Thanks very much for that, I was wondering about that exact thing.


Does "Hun elsker is" also work?


Apparently. I completely lacked the option for "iskrem" and it said "is" is now ice cream too.


Oh hey, I'd forgotten about it and am now reading my own answer to someone else about it.


This is what the mod said above if you still want to know: Is is to iskrem what Coke is to Coca-cola. It's very normal in Norway to refer to ice cream as is. :0)


Does is means the same as iskrem or is it a typo?


"Is" is to "iskrem" in the same way "Coke" is to "Coca-cola." They mean the same thing. :0)

That said, "is" can also refer to ice. So ... trick question, "Vil du ha is i brusen din?"


My brain stuck in this task ) i didn't know about is too!!


She love ice cream = hun elsker iskream


Mind the spelling:
"She loves ice cream" = "Hun elsker iskrem."

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