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  5. "Where will they go tomorrow?"

"Where will they go tomorrow?"

Translation:Куди вони будуть їхати завтра?

May 27, 2015



What is the difference between їти і йти?


Їти is not a word, but іти is. There are no differences between іти and йти in meaning, it is again all about euphony: іти after consonant, йти after a vowel. But it is not a strict rule, rather a recommendation


No, it has to be іти or їздити since they are the definite variants (in contrast to ходити and їхати). The indefinite variants are exclusively used for habitual and repeating movements (often including not only the way to something but also the way back). When a question is asked about where someone is going to, the definite variants are usually used, since you want to know where exactly there a going to now and not where they are going to now and also every other day.


Shouldn't ходити be correct here?


It would be really nice to have a small summary about such fine grammar points on the Duolingo forum.


Isn't ïхати the same as ехать in Russian, which means to drive? I feel like iти is closer to "to go." Can someone clarify?

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