"I am in a hurry!"

Translation:Jeg har dårlig tid!

May 27, 2015



I am in a hurry = I have poor time (management). That's the only way I'm gonna remember this.


I agree, I always think it means 'I'm having a bad time'! A false friend...


I have bad time (managment skills).


What about "Jeg skynder meg"


I'd say that "jeg skynder meg" would more closely translate to "I'm rushing myself". I would use it for talking about completing a non-traveling action, like rushing to finish homework or the dishes. If someone disagrees with this interpretation, please say so. (Tusen takk!!)


Exactly, why isn't it acceptable?


Should "Jeg er presset for tid!" also be accepted here? I think it should, but am not confident enough to report it as an error.


It is understandable, but I have never heard anyone say that. However, the expression "under tidspress" is quite common, meaning "under a deadline"


Would "I am having a bad time" be "Jeg trives ikke"?


That means you're not enjoying yourself. It's a bit diffferent from having a bad time, isn't it?


I suppose...I guess it is similar to how a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square- if I am having a bad time, that entails that I am not enjoying myself, but if I am not enjoying myself I could just be feeling neutral about the situation...but anyway- thank you for your answer. Is there anyone else who can answer my original question? (how would one say "I am having a bad time"- i.e. I am decidedly unhappy about what I am experiencing)?


Google Translate says: jeg har en dårlig tid. So with an article in front of tid. I am also curious about the right answer. Good luck with it!


I will have a poor timing is what i think

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