"He has counted to ten."

Translation:Hij heeft tot tien geteld.

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Can I get a little help with "te" vs "tot?"

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In this case you always use tot, think of it as counting until ten. Or another example, Wij zijn daar tot morgen / We are there until tomorrow

Te is often used like too in English, e.g. Het is te hoog/ It is too high.

Or te can be used in combination with the infinitive, which may be accompanied with om.

  • Het is om te lezen - It is to read
  • Het is om naar te kijken - It is to look at
  • Er is iets te doen in de stad - There is something to do in town
  • De informatie is te vinden op de website - The information can be found on the website
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Brilliant, thanks!

3 years ago


Can anyone help me understand why "hij telde tot tien" (simple past) would not be correct?

2 years ago


Maybe because it is present perfect

1 year ago
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