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"I am eating the meal and she is drinking the tea."

Translation:Jeg spiser måltidet og hun drikker teen.

May 27, 2015



I'm very glad you explained this, I took a bit of a break and I'm practicing everything again so I forgot some stuff, so I completely forgot the word for meal. I love the literal translations of Danish like "evening food" and "eating time."


Been doing Norwegian and almost got this by using it completely


Interesting that måltidet isn't måltiden, since tid uses tiden. Are they from different cognates?


I'm reasonably sure that they're not from different cognates, since the German word 'Mahlzeit', obviously a cognate of 'måltid', is feminine, just like 'Zeit'.

I guess, words just sometimes behave weirdly in compounds. Just how the plural of 'tøj' is 'tøj', but the plural of 'køretøj' is 'køretøjer'


Oops, i wrote the food instead!


It should be "jeg spiser MADEN". "maltidet" is a meal time. You can't eat time.

[deactivated user]

    Not quite.

    • måltid(et) = (the) meal

    • mad(en) = (the) food

    For "meal time", I would say "spisetid" (literally "eating time")

    Good luck with learning Danish!

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