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I Can't Wait!

I am so excited about the language creation tools coming out. You could easily say that I am too excited about it. I constantly think about it, it is like my whole world orbits around that one thought. I am also having trouble sleeping because of it. Does anyone have any tips? Do I have an attachment problem?

September 28, 2013



I think about it all the time too cuz I can't wait to learn Korean via Duolingo, but here's a tip.

Play this until your mind goes numb. http://www.kanyezone.com/

Once your mind is numb, the waiting will become easier.


That game made no sense! XD


❤❤❤? I had no idea what I just did with the Kanye game

[deactivated user]

    Although Duolingo is an AMAZING tool, you can't learn Korean solely from it. Korean is too complicated for Latin and Germanic based language speakers. Not to mention how strange the slang and grammar is. I would say use Duolingo, only as part of your training.

    Other tools: http://memrise.com

    Source: I am on an intense Korean language program that aims to make me fluent by New Year's.


    Of course you can't learn Korean solely through Duolingo. You can't learn any language solely through Duolingo. At least not yet.

    I know this.


    What is the program called?

    [deactivated user]

      I may have mislabled it. It is not "a" program, but multiple. I am using Living Language Korean, various textbooks and dictionaries written in Korean, Memrise, a book on slang. I watch a lot K Dramas and repeat everything they say. I go into total immersion and not speaking any other language but Korean when I can. It's expensive to start with all the books, but I believe it's worth it. Soon, I hope to add Duolingo.


      Try and make up some courses while you wait, and you will notice that very little time remains!


      How do you mean, language creation tools?


      Yeah, how do you mean, dude?


      ill try the game XD i cant wait to know about korean language!!! btw hi everyone! i am a newcomer to duolingo XD i am learning spanish because i suck and kinda a gringa ;) Its way different from english! XD ty duolingo for helping me lil by lil XD

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