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  5. "Is this fresh food?"

"Is this fresh food?"

Translation:Це свіжа їжа?

May 27, 2015



Can somebody explaind me why 'ця' is not accepted?


It's quite easy: "це" is a declinable word "цей" when it modifies a noun, at least an implied one, and here it does not (this is a subject; fresh food is a copula complement).

You may imagine it as the difference between my/mine, your/yours. In English, you only use "my" as a modifier. Instead of "My is better" you should use "Mine is better".


Thanks, I see. So you could also ask "Ця їжа свіжа?"


With "{Ця їжа} свіжа?" you're asking, "Is {this food} fresh?" as opposed to "Is {this} fresh food?" which would be, "{Це} свіжа їжа?"


And why these two are not the same?


In the first one, "this food," "this" is a noun determiner modifying "food": "Is this food fresh?"

In the second one, "this" acts as a standalone noun: "This is fresh food." Reversed as a question, "Is this fresh food?"

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