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I can't type an apostrophe (') on Ukrainian keyboard.

Hello, I can't type an apostrophe using Ukrainian keyboard layout and this will count my submissions as false when I am learning lessons. For example, I can't type the Ukrainian word for five (пять) correctly and this will count every translation with "five" in it as incorrect. How can I fix this? :/

May 27, 2015



Try another keyboard input. There should be one called Ukrainian (Enhanced). It's built-in to most operating systems and does have an apostrophe.


We don't know which keyboard layout you are using. However in this picture, it is on the `or ~ key on the left of the numbers:

Official Ukrainian keyboard layout.

Typing the ґ might be a problem if you're using an American keyboard.


On my (Mac Os) Ukrainian keyboard, I have it here:

EDITION: Otherwise, (at least) with a windows layout, you have to install the "improved ukrainian" keyboard layout according to Wikipedia.


Standard American keyboards don't even have that key, so I hope he is using something else.


In Ukraine many people use Eglish keyboard for apostrophe, for example when we need to type word "п'ять", we switch to English keyboard when apostrophe starts and back again to Ukrainian. Sorry for bad English.


a real torture (


Which keyboard software are you using? If it's the one built into your OS, which OS?

The Windows 8 Ukrainian layout has the apostrophe on the backquote (`) key.


Thanks for asking this. I've been having the same trouble. I've just changed my Ukrainian keyboard to the enhanced setting, as people here have suggested, and the apostrophe is working. Yay!

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