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No "streak" notices on Sept 27?

Did duolingo not send out "You're on Fire" notices yesterday (Sept 27)? I can't find one in my e-mail. (It was the one day I needed it, unfortunately.)

Comment to Julia.H.S.--Thanks for your comment, but I already had checked all my folders and found no notice. The last "streak" notice I received was Aug. 10, and, actually, I received no notes at all from duolingo, yesterday, which is quite unusual. This is not a big deal, although it was a half-year streak, but I'm surprised I received no note.

(I'm commenting here because your comment does not show on this page, even with refresh, although I recieved an email about it.)

September 28, 2013


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The notices have been intermittent the past few weeks for me. I used to get them every day but I can't depend on getting them now. I just make sure that I do something every day so that my streak continues. Even though I'm not getting the notices, my streak is continuing without a break.


Same here. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don't. Just make a habit of doing something, as Lyarra says - even a quick immersion translation or two will count.


Thanks, Lyarra (nice name!). Yes, that's what I was doing until yesterday, too--not relying on the notices, and not getting them, either, as I nearly always did this duolingo drill first thing. But yesterday was a rather chaotic day for me and I couldn't remember whether I'd signed in and gotten points. Ah, well. I was on a downswing w/ duolingo, anyway (FWIW), trying to figure out what kind of schedule/drill would be worthwhile, and I had only done the minimum the past couple of days. I guess there's no need now to keep up a streak, so I can take a little break.

Spanish would be great to work on, especially as I have in-laws whose first language is Spanish. You must be enjoying it. But right now I'm working on a non-dulingo language, and that's taking up my time.

How did you reach such a high level? I'm only at level 15 in French, and I finished the tree awhile back--that's why I was trying to figure out how to revamp my daily routine this week.

Nice streak, BTW. Keep it up! :)

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