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  5. "O bir örümcek."

"O bir örümcek."

Translation:It is a spider.

May 27, 2015



is there a word for "is" or do I just assume that it is meant in the sentence

[deactivated user]

    The word for " is " is either " ∅, " or " -DIr " which are suffixes and taught in next two lesson " To Be "


    Just to clarify: ∅ is not a Turkish letter. Duo uses it to represent a blank-- as in, no suffix at all.

    This symbol ∅ is actually called an "empty set", "null set" or "null form". (Unless you're reading/writing Norwegian!)


    "O bir örümcek." Translation: It is a spider.


    "That is a spider." Accepted as correct other English answer by Duo.

    O - he/she/it. Also "that" & "those" when used as a demonstrative pronoun.


    "O" is a bit of a wild card-- it can mean "he/she/it/that"!


    Örümcek is so far away from turtle


    Is 'it' always 'O'? Even if the object is near. And yes I know 'this' is 'Bu' but sometimes your say 'it' too, right?


    in a previous answer they said that (bu-->su--> o) is from near to far from you meaning (o) is the furthest from you


    I though "O" meant "He"


    It means "he," "she," or "it."


    فعلش کجاست


    ببین برعکس فارسی اینجا دیگه از فعل کمکی است اسفاده نمیکنن، در نتیجه O bir örümcek(ان یک عنکبوت است) به صورت تحت لفظی(( ان یک عنکبوت)) معنی میشه


    What is the difference between Su and O like Su bir örümcek and O bir örümcek?


    The first difference is that "o" is a bit crazy, so it can mean "he/she/it/that". The word "that", however, could also be "şu" in Turkish.

    If we're translating the word "that" on Duo, you can usually take your pick (o/şu) because English only has one word. But Turkish has two words based on distance:

    • şu = that (closer)
    • o = that (further away- possibly out of sight)

    It's not an exact science, so the actual distance can vary greatly in each situation, but let's use a shop as a common example. You could ask the price for:

    • bu = "this" near you
    • şu = "that" near the shop keeper
    • o = "that" on the other side of the room, far from both of you

    If there is only one "that" (like your examples: "o/şu bir örümcek"), there is no difference in meaning between "şu" and "o"... except that "o" has multiple personalities, so it can also mean "he/she/it". I hope that helps. :-)


    So that happens if there are a guy and a girl in the corner and you refer to either one of them? How do you tell apart that it is a he or a she? She is nice and he is not nice.


    Correct written, but i lost the points


    Don't off microphone


    Why it doesn't accept "This is a spider" for "O bir orumcek"?


    Hello ZohaibHass16

    Why it doesn't accept "This is a spider" for "O bir orumcek"?

    "This is a spider." --> Bu bir örümcek.

    You did not use the correct pronoun & please can you use a Turkish keyboard?

    Thank you.

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