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Překlad:Žena mého strýce je moje teta.

May 27, 2015

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Tato diskuse je zamčená.


What is the difference between "Moje" and "Meho"? I can't wait to get into the Czech for English Speakers course so I can finally understand all these small nuances =)


Adjectives not only change their ending depending on the case but also take different forms for different genders.

"Moje teta" is nominative and while "teta" is feminine, the adjective has to be in the feminine form "moje" ("má" is also correct).

"Mého strýce" is genitive and while "strýc" is masculine, then again the adjective has to be in the masculine genitive form which is "mého"

Did someone already told you about this website http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/en ? You can find all the crazy declensions there.


proč nemůže být-žena mojeho strýce je moje teta


Protoze slovo 'mojeho' v cestine vubec neexistuje.

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