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"Stavkirken ligger bondegården."

Translation:The stave church lies on the farm.

May 27, 2015



Jeg liker ikke kirker, men den er veldig vakker.

...hope I wrote that right lol


I recently came across this site, filled with panoramas of Norwegian stave churches.

Happy exploring! :)


Det kirken ligger på familien min bondegården.
(I'm pretty sure that I said that wrong)

The Borgund Stavkirken, just up the road from Lærdal, Søgne of Fjordane, has been my family's church for generations, and many of my Norwegian relatives (that I can trace) are buried there.

I hope to go back there, someday.


"Den kirken ligger på mi families bondegården." is more correct I think. That's really cool that you have that as part of your family history.


Tusen takk

And yeah, it's really cool. You can still see where people from the viking era left their weapons before entering, the bit of graffiti that some kid (probably several layers of great-grandparent to me) did back whenever, and everything. It's also how that particular branch of the family makes a living anymore.

But it's also a community pride thing. Everybody in the village of Borgund takes a hand in church upkeep.


i had no idea what a stave church was...


Me neither, but then I googled it.. They're beautiful!

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same here--but wow! veldig vakker indeed!


We are learning the language and some elements of the culture too, det er flott!


Why is this "ligger på" instead of "står på"?


Best I can tell is because the foundation or base of the building is not raised. There's nothing that it is using to 'stand' so you say it lies on instead.

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