"Perché gli uomini statali sono in divisa?"

Translation:Why are government men in uniform?

December 26, 2012

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The answer "Why are the state men in uniform?" is bad English. "state men" might be the literal translation, but it's just not a word pairing that occurs in English. "government men" is a little better. "civil servants" might be better, but I really don't know what the connotation of "uomini statali" is.


I would think "uomoni statali" might translate to "politicians" or "civil servants" better than "state men."


Exactly! I answered "why are the government employees in uniform" and got it wrong. Then I answered "Why are THE government men in uniform" and got it wrong, again! Besides, I suspect "uomo statale" (223 results on Google) and "uomini statali" (73 results on Google) are not very popular Italian constructions at all.


I used "statesmen" as one word and got it correct with a typo warning that it should be "state men." As a native English speaker I agree this is not a phrase I would ever see. I would almost suspect that it's really asking why the soldiers are in uniform, or at least implying that the men in uniform are military soldiers. It would be great if one of our Italian friends could shed some light on this. :)


I used "statesmen" and got marked wrong :(


Not me! Well, it did count it as a typo, though.


"Impiegati statali" or "dipendenti statali" seems much better to me.

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