"I am reading the book even if you hate it."

Translation:Jeg leser boken selv om du hater den.

May 27, 2015

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When do I use "hvis" as opposed to "om"?


I would like to know the same, since 'Jeg leser boken selv om du hater det' is accepted, but 'Jeg leser boken selv hvis du hater det' is not.


If the sentence has a condition, then use 'hvis.'

Think of If-Then statements in English, like the one above.

"Om" can be conditional too, but it can also be used without conditions.


Why don't we say here "jeg leser boken selv om hater du den"? Because I think if we inverted the order it would be "selv om du hater den leser jeg boken". I am confused.


You would say "..hater du.." if this part of the sentence was dependent on the first part. I can read a book and you can hate it but neither is dependent on the other. If the sentence was "If you hate the book, I will read it" (or something like that), the the second part would end up being "..leser jeg...". Recall the V2 rule--the verb takes the second place of the sentence. The first part of the "If..." sentence takes the first part, then the verb, noun, etc.


Kan man ikke si "uansett" istedet for "selv om" i denne situasjonen??


When do you use "hvis" or "om"?


Would "...om du hater det" also be okay, or must you use "den" when a masculine or feminine noun follows over to another clause?


You always have to use "den" for m or f noun replacements.

Jeg leser boken selv om du hater boken - I am reading the book even if you hate the book

If they meant that you hate the concept that i am reading the book, and not hate the book, you would use "det" instead.


Greit. Tusen takk! :D


This is easily the hardest unit so far


"you" in this sentence hates reading or the book?


My first assumption would be that they hate the book. There are a couple other technical possibilities, but none of them likely.


So we may think of "selv om" as meaning "even if" . Is there any grammatical context where this is not so?


Yes, there are contexts were "om" has another meaning: "selv om dagen" = "even during the day".

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