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  5. "Are there students here?"

"Are there students here?"

Translation:Тут є студенти?

May 27, 2015



Ok, now I'm confuse about "є". I thought "Студенти є тут" was right, since dropping "є" would be a give a correct statement, and as far as I know word order doesn't always change in questions. I guess, why was I wrong?


You use "Тут є студенти?" to find out if there are some students. You use "Тут студенти?" to find out if the people who are there are indeed students


Ah, I think I'm starting to see it: so would you use "Студенти тут?" to find out if the students (whom you already know to be students) are actually there (and not somewhere else)?


That definitely sounds like something one would use during a roll call :)


Ukrainian lang omits "є" in sentences.


Not in this case. If you translate sentences with "there are/is", you need "є".


Why is this wrong: Тут є студентки? Students in English applies for both female and male students, so I think the feminine plural form студентки must also be accepted as valid.


I don't understand why something like "Ми тут?" is proper, but "Студенти тут?" is not.

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