Understanding a noun's gender

✓ Nouns for male persons, cars, nationalities, occupations, seasons, days, and months are usually masculine.

✓ Nouns for most female persons, many flowers, and trees are feminine.

✓ Nouns beginning with Ge- are usually neuter.

✓ Nouns ending in -ist, -ich, -ismus, and -ner are usually masculine.

✓ Nouns ending in -heit, -keit, -ik, -schaft, -ei, -tät, and -ung are usually feminine.

✓ Nouns ending in -chen, -lein, -ium, -um, and -tum are usually neuter.

May 16, 2012


Words listed as "learned" should be shown withered gender since they are wrong if gender is wrong

August 8, 2013
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Awesome, I copied this chart and hope it helps me. Detecting gender is my main weakness!

September 11, 2013
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