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  5. "Biz gazeteyi okuruz."

"Biz gazeteyi okuruz."

Translation:We read the newspaper.

May 27, 2015



What is the difference between okuruz and okursunsuz??


okuruz is "we read" used with biz (we).
okursunuz is "you read" used with siz (you, plural).

The verb okumak (to read) conjugated on verbix: http://verbix.com/webverbix/go.php?D1=31=okumak

The tense we are interested in is the Simple (Aorist) Tense, in the Affirmative, used as a Statement (don't worry about all the terms, I'm writing them just to point you to what I am looking at on the verbix page):

  • ben okurum = I read
  • sen okursun = you (singular) read
  • o okur = (s)he reads
  • biz okuruz = we read
  • siz okursunuz = you (plural) read
  • onlar okurlar = they read

Turkish is a pro-drop language, so the pronouns (ben, sen, o, biz, siz, onlar) can be omitted.

okurlar (they read) doesn't need the -lar if the pronoun onlar is used, because onlar already conveys the fact that it is a plural (so onlar okur is correct too), but when the verb is used without the pronoun it needs to be okurlar. (Is this true of biz and siz too? I don't recall, or I didn't find out.)

For comparison, here is yemek (to eat):

  • ben yerim = I eat
  • sen yersin = you (singular) eat
  • o yer = (s)he eats
  • biz yeriz = we eat
  • siz yersiniz = you (plural) eat
  • onlar yerler = they eat

(While I'm talking about verb suffixes ...)

If I recall correctly, the consonants in the suffix (-rim, -rsin, -r, -riz, -rsiniz, -rler) of the verb stay the same, but the vowel in the suffix follows 4 way harmony with the vowel found in the root of the verb. So with ben (I), the suffixes for verbs with vowels a/ı, e/i, o/u, ö/ü in the root (ye- has e, oku- has u) would respectively be: -rım, -rim, -rum, -rüm. This is why we see ben okurum with -rum and ben yerim with -rim. This turkishbasics site seems to support my recollection: http://turkishbasics.com/verbs/present-simple-tense.php

It has been a little while since I studied Turkish, and I have still only studied the basics. I looked around for a web site which would summarise the above, but I consider those I have found to be over-complicated in their explorations (I posted a link anyway, above), so have written from memory. I hope I have remembered correctly! If I haven't, please someone leave a comment with corrections; thanks!


Çok teşekkür ederim for the detailed explanation. Kindly my lingot of appreciation :)


Okuruz is we and okursunuz is you (siz)


How would you say we read the newspapers?


That would be "Biz gazeteleri okuruz."


i am struck in the use of (the ) and singular plural. if u can help me


ben her sabah ve her gün gazeteleri okurum


Cant get it.. some times you use.. a newspaper.. sometime you just the newspaper.. its confusing..


If gazete okuruz means we read newspapers with a plural meaning for the object, can this sentence mean 'the newspapers' with just gazeteyi or would it have to be gazeteleri?


what is the different between kitap and kitabı?


This is "the newspaper" in the sense of a specific newspaper, right? If I wanted to say something like "I read the newspaper every morning" would i use "gazete okurum"?


Yes. That would be "Ben gazeteyi her sabah okurum" since you are mentioning "the newspaper".

"Ben her sabah gazete okurum" : "I read newspapers every morning"


i wrote "we are reading the newspaper". why isn't it correct?


Simply because okur is simple present not cont.


but "we read the newspaper" doesn't mean we are doing it now, it means we do it in general. "we are reading the newspaper" means we are doing it now = present continuous. the english present tenses are used differently from for example the german or french present tenses


Exactly! This sentence does not imply current action, but rather habitual action :) You cannot say "we are reading the newspaper" for this sentence


I wrote "the news", which was understandably incorrect. Does Turkish have an equivalent?


excuse me I know this's not the right place to ask this but I would like to know where exactly should I write if I want to suggest new language for the team or anyone could add to learn it

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