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  5. "У мене п'ять машин."

"У мене п'ять машин."

Translation:I have five cars.

May 28, 2015



Why is it "у мене" and not "у мене є"?


In many cases 'є' can be omitted. Both sentences (with or without 'є') are grammatically correct in this case and have the same meaning.


I fully agree with you. However, early lessons always mark its use as incorrect. For example, "where is mother?" is not "де є мама?", but "де мама?". Frustrating to learn I've been speaking wrong all my life. lol Actually, I've always considered it as optional, but more formal speech.


Well, if you are a native speaker, you should use courses intended for non-natives with care. They will be more strict—after all, a non-native should learn most common and natural wordings, not only everything acceptable, no matter how weird.


Not native, but it is my first language. However, like many/most of my Ukrainian contemporaries English was our preferred language. So while my speech may be acceptable, but not perfect, reading and writing is not. The last point in my post was that the curriculum developers do not consider it correct.


Some say у мене (є) are calques from russian, hence incorrect, and я маю should be used instead. what do native speakers think?


Native speakers created this course, so it is easy to guess what they think :) . As «у когось є» is found in literature and poetry of the last two centuries, I feel the creators had good reasons to consider it appropriate (at least for everyday Ukrainian)—even though the expression probably did originate as a calque from Russian.


Why is the question машин instead of машини, since 'cars' is plural?


The plural is used with два, три, чотири. Numerals that end in words п'ять, шість, and above (including words for numbers 11–19) use the Genitive plural.


Is anyone else having problems with the audio answers? It never recognizes numbers, no matter how well I pronounce them.


Yes! No matter what i did, it was always wrong. I eventually stopped getting the the lessons where it asked for my audio. I don't get then AT ALL anymore


okay i know cats and cars are entirely different words but that was very much and very obviously a typo

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