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  5. "Моє місто"

"Моє місто"

Translation:My city

May 28, 2015



Oh no, Ukrainian has three genders? I don't know if I can handle this...


When you learn enough words, it becomes pretty clear which word has which gender.

Basic rules are:

  1. If it is a person who has a gender, the gender of the word is the same. (German learners, you should understand this, "das Mädchen", nothing like this in Ukrainian!) A child ("дитина") and a human/person ("людина") are feminine. Which brings us to number 2...

  2. If it ends with "а" or "я" it is most probably feminine. Right away, I can only think of one word that ends with "а" that is masculine ("собака" - "dog"), and there is also "сирота" (orphan) that can be either masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the person.

  3. If it ends with "о" or "е" or "є" it is most probably neuter. You have already learned the word "дядько", but an uncle is a man, so the noun is masculine.


Wow. It is like that in Portuguese but we do not have a neuter gender.


can an object be gendered? ex. can a chair be feminine/masculine? Or are words like daughter, brother, sister, etc. the only gendered nouns and you use моє for everything else? Thanks!


Everything has a gender :) It is grammar category, not physical


Pay attention to the Tips&Notes. Gender is explained in Letters 2.


Is there a way to see Tips & Notes on the mobile app?


Yeah, where are Tips & Notes? I feel like i just jumped in, and missed some basic grammar stuff along the way.


No, in the previous sections there were a lot of things that had gender (bread, milk, meat, house etc.), so it's not only for people. Same as most the other European languages - French, Italian, Spanish, German, ...


How do you pronounce є in моє?


it is like "yeh" in "yellow"

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