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Lost lingots after after NOT starting the Progress quiz

I wanted to explore the lingot shop and clicked the "Swedish progress" measurement quiz. System warned me the it may take up to 20 minutes, so I clicked "Not now", but it deducted my lingots anyways :( Is it a bug or something? How can I restore my deducted lingots?

May 28, 2015



I think what it does is you have paid for it now, but you can now take it later and it won't deduct the lingots later when you want to take it.

Also after you take it once, you will have to pay for it again if you want to take it for a second time.


I am pretty sure that you can now take the quiz for free, since you have already paid for it.


That's right, I took the purchased quiz without deducting further lingots. Thanks guys.


how did you get into that purchased quiz to take it later?


I just went to the Shop and started a quiz, there is no other option to confuse you. It will start the purchased one :)


The button is grayed out - I don't have ANY options in the quiz area. After it took my 25 lingots, i have less than 25 now, so the button is grayed out not allowing me to take another quiz (which i'm assuming would take 25 more lingots away from me).


I see you are in a different situation, because I did have additional 25 lingots to click the button at that time. Hard to tell what's going on here, might be a bug. I recommend to wait until you gain 25 lingots and let's see if it takes you to the purchased quiz :-/


I made it back up to 25 lingots....but still had to purchase a new test. It seems that the lingots from yesterday are gone for good. Not happy with Duolingos lack of response to this!!


The test has been purchased and you can test for free when you are ready. Note, it is not like timed practice where the skill is always available. Once you take that test, additional tests will need to be bought. Additionally, the test is on the whole course, not just the material you've covered.

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