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  5. "Danke, ja."

"Danke, ja."

Translation:Thanks, yes.

September 28, 2013


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Does the "ja" here mean something more like 'indeed' or some kind of affirmation of the 'thanks'? Sort of like "thanks a lot"?

November 7, 2013


I think it's just ropey English. Anyone agree? If so, thanks yes!

July 18, 2014


    Don't read too much into it. It's just teaching us two words at the same time.

    Maybe someone offered me something generous, and I feel more compelled to thank them before accepting their offer: "Would you like two free tickets to the concert?" "Oh wow! Thanks, yes!"

    May 15, 2018


    No it's kind of like when someone offers you coffee and you say thanks, yes ... in English we are just more used to having the yes comes first - as in yes, thank you

    July 10, 2019


    Should it also translate to "thank you, yes"? Does Danke only mean Thanks and not Thank You?

    May 17, 2019


    you never said "ja

    ' you never said "Ja" so i typed what i heard, which was danke

    June 9, 2019


    I typed "thank you, yes" and got it wrong, is it incorrect?

    June 27, 2019


    Technically, no it is not incorrect. I used the other icon next to this one and flagged the lesson and made that comment

    July 10, 2019


    Has anyone else taken any formal German classes? Because I definitely remember from college days that depending on context danke could be thanks or thank you....

    July 10, 2019


    Can you say "yeah" instead of "yes?"

    July 19, 2019


    These exercises never work for me when I have to speak in the micro phone it always errors out. Any idea bow to resolve this issue?

    October 4, 2019
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