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  5. "Do you have my book? No."

"Do you have my book? No."

Translation:An bhfuil mo leabhar agat? Níl.

May 28, 2015



In this sentence, for the no, do I have to use "níl?" or can I use "ní hea?" Or is that only a response in the negative for questions about a person (ex. "An Éireannach tú? Ní hea.")?


You must use níl to answer 'no' it question that use an bhfuil. Ní hea is only used with certain cases of the copula. And neither are used with other verbs - An ritheann tú? - Rithim/Ní rithim


Thank you very much! That clears things up! I have book as well as DuoLingo for Irish and I couldn't really tell the difference between the two words.


Can I ask which book you're using?


It's an old one that I found at a half-priced books that's just called Irish by Diarmuid Ó Sé and Joseph Sheils for a publisher called Teach Yourself Books. Supposedly Diarmuid, according to the preface, is a lecturer on Irish at the University College, Dublin, and Joseph is the Head of Modern Languages at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. I'm not sure how outdated it is, but it was published in 1993.


Don't worry about it being out of date! Honestly, I think the best TY is the 1969 Edition! It teaches an actual dialect, and you can find audio for it free online. And it's out of copyright.


For tenses that use synthetic forms, I believe that the synthetic form can also be used as a response, so nílim would also be possible.


What's wrong with "Níl agam" as answer? Or should that have been accepted?


The agam is extraneous in the response - it's makes no sense without the subject being present.


My answer was: 'An bhfuil mo leabhar agat? Níl sé.' But it is wrong. Can anyone explain why?


The response to the question is just níl - there is no pronoun.

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