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"She attended an English exam."

December 26, 2012



Why do they give 'elle assistait à' as a hint and then mark you wrong for using it. And passing an exam isn't the same as attending one or participating in one - 'taking an exam' is the usual phrase in English.


No, in English "passed" would mean she succeeded. In French if you say "elle assistait à", it means that she was a spectator, not taking part in the exam itself. Beware with the hints, they are general and not specific.


If I haven't seen some of these expressions before, there is no other teaching in the course to help me, except the hints, so I can only guess and get it wrong a lot of the time, and I get fed up having to keep repeating lessons.


That is part of the progress. Repeating while you learn is what is going to make it stick to your long-term memory. It's part of duolingo's [odd] teaching method.

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