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"I am eating eggs because I am hungry."

Translation:Yumurta yiyorum çünkü açım.

May 28, 2015



Why 'yumurtayi' and not 'yumurtalari'? If there is plural form in english version?


"Yumurta" can translate as singular or plural when it is a direct object. I'll try to explain:

"Yumurtalar" is incorrect because Turkish always uses singular form with general, unspecific direct objects. There is a long explanation and discussion about this HERE

"Yumurtayı" is incorrect in this sentence because we are talking about general /unspecific eggs (some/any eggs), and accusative case is only used for specific direct objects: the egg, my egg, this egg, etc.

Finally, "yumurtaları" is incorrect in this sentence for BOTH of the above reasons. However, it would be used if we were eating "the eggs". :-)


why i can't use için instead of çünkü? when can i use each one?


Hi. I was marked wrong for using "yumurta yiyorum çünkü ben açim". The solution gave the same sentence omitting "ben". Why is this wrong?


In written Turkish (and 'Duo Turkish'), if you choose to include the pronoun, I believe it should be in the first clause: Ben yumurta yiyorum çünkü açım. Pronouns show up in the second clause when we're comparing/contrasting two different subjects. :-)


Makes sense. Teşekkürler.


Birisi sana Ne yapıyorsun diye sorduğunda Ders çalışıyorum mu dersin yoksa Ben ders çalışıyorum dersin ? Ben dediğin için gereksiz uzatma yapmış olursun. Umarım bir" Türk" olarak iyi anlatmışıdır. İyi günler.


"karnım aç" should be accepted as the same as "açım"


Why not Çünkü açım yumurta yiyor ? That puts the verb at the end of the sentence.




Why not Çünkü açım yumurta yiyor ? That puts the verb at the end of the sentence.

"Çünkü açım yumurta yiyor." Because I'm hungry he/she/it eats an egg.

You forgot the "-um" suffix 1st person singular "yiyorum."

Your Turkish answer is very good. Turks would understand it. Would you like some more eggs?

Thank you. ^

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