"Vi drar om en time."

Translation:We are leaving in an hour.

May 28, 2015

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Quite of a false friend we have here! :O


It's going to take me a while to get it through my head.


Any tips on when to use "om" versus "i" for "in"?


"i" is mostly for "inside": cookie in the jar, rabbit in the hat. But we also use it for yesterday:" vi dro i går" (We left yesterday).


takk, jeg skal se hvordan det går


To piggyback on TomEgeland's reply, as a native English speaker, it helpedme think of "i" as "in this X". For example, i dag = in this day or today. I år = in this year or this year. It isn't foolproof but it helps guide me along the treacherous path of language nuances (:


Just for understanding: the "om" is almost unhearable, so I first thought it was just "men" or even "en". Is that a common tendency for the o in om to be silent?


I'm not a native speaker but have lived in Norway for a few years and to me this sounds pretty natural. I clearly hear the 'om' but that could be because my brain knows that something has to come between 'drar' and 'en' and also that it's mostly likely 'om'.


Yes, I've noticed I sometimes just miss sounds or differences between sounds. Took me ages to actually distinguish mandarin syllables.. what with s, x, c,z etc


It sounds just fine to me as a native speaker =)


I translate 'om' as 'about', so as 'we are leaving about an hour' makes little sense I translate this as 'we are leaving in about an hour' but this is marked as incorrect :(


Hi Sarah, "om" can mean "about", but it's not its only meaning.


Is it right if I write "We are leaving in one hour"? I mean, would it mean the same thing? or I have to use the "an" when writing it in english?


If you wanted to clearly say "one" hour, you should write "én" (with that angled line above the "e").


Why can it not be ¨we go in an hour¨?


I believe it 'could' mean that, however the preferred translation for 'å dra' here is 'to leave'


Yeah, this is a fine English translation, as long as you are going by means of transport other than walking on foot :)


im not sure if this is right or not, but isn't this wrong? shouldn't it be "We are leaving in a hour?"


Hi kale-ina, if you are querying whether "an hour" or "a hour" is correct in the English translation (that seems the only difference between your phrase and that given in the answer), "an hour" is correct.


oh! thank you for the clarification!


Instead of om can we use i. Vi drar i en time.


No, using "i" would not mean the same as "om" here.

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