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  5. "Does she have a big brother?"

"Does she have a big brother?"

Translation:Har hun en storebror?

May 28, 2015



I would warn anybody trying to learn Norwegian with this that if you said "Har hun en stor bror?" it would sound like "does she have a large brother", and not an older brother. I would most definitely use "storebror" unless of course you where asking if her brother is large (fat). Though I would advice against asking such a rude question.


Sarah, I would never use the word "storebror" unless I was speaking to a child.

If I ask an adult I would say: "Har hun en eldre bror."

If I met you I would say: "Har du noen eldre brødre eller søstre?" (or I would say: " Har du noen eldre søsken?"


The english sentence can be understood wrong, too... Do not forget that ;)


Got it. big lingo for you :))


I know this is not the intention of the sentence, but I'm wondering if you were concerned about whether 'she' has a large brother (whether he is older or younger), could you say 'Har hun en stor bror?', which in English would be exactly like the English prompt sentence.


If you mean large by size, then yes.


Not using en in the sentence makes it wrong?

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