"Does she have a big brother?"

Translation:Har hun en storebror?

3 years ago



I would warn anybody trying to learn Norwegian with this that if you said "Har hun en stor bror?" it would sound like "does she have a large brother", and not an older brother. I would most definitely use "storebror" unless of course you where asking if her brother is large (fat). Though I would advice against asking such a rude question.

3 years ago


I know this is not the intention of the sentence, but I'm wondering if you were concerned about whether 'she' has a large brother (whether he is older or younger), could you say 'Har hun en stor bror?', which in English would be exactly like the English prompt sentence.

3 years ago

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If you mean large by size, then yes.

3 years ago

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The english sentence can be understood wrong, too... Do not forget that ;)

3 years ago
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