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"Sister is going to the train station by trolleybus."

Translation:Сестра їде на вокзал на тролейбусі.

May 28, 2015



Де артикль перед sister?


Погана англійська мова


The English sentence is unnatural as it lacks a determiner for "sister". Suitable determiners are "My" or "The", i.e. "My sister is going to the train station by trolleybus"


You are right, it should be corrected.


Правильно буде "їхати тролейбусом", а не "на тролейбусі".


На вокзалі not accepted?


чому "їде" а не "іде"?


їде - used when you're moving by something (train/bus/car/etc) and іде - used when you're moving by feet

[deactivated user]

    Is this about a nun?


    Why not "у вокзал" like "у Одесі"?


    Because у Одесі is in some of sity and у вокзал means go into a train station


    So then "на Одесі" would be correct for "going to the city"?


    I don't think that is correct. The next lesson I got was Як ви їдете у Одесу? Which translated to How are you going to Odesa?


    If I understood Englilove correctly, "у xyz" technically means going into, as in you are not stopping at the city limits, whereas "на xyz" means going to, which for a city would indeed mean stopping at city limits. In English we commonly say "go to the city", but we really mean "in to the city", so both translations are accurate. But going into the train station may not be the same as going to the train station (such as dropping someone off).

    If that is not the case, then I did not understand Englilove's answer.

    [deactivated user]

      Unfortunately it doesn't correspond quite so neatly with English. "У" and "в" in the accusative in the sense of motion translate literally as "into", and "на" literally as "onto". It seems that some places are thought of as containers and others more as surfaces. Usually it's clear, but there are some less obvious cases such as train stations.


      Thanks for that explanation. It helps.


      Why does it not accept до вокзал

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