"You are the boy I like most."

Translation:Du er gutten jeg liker mest.

May 28, 2015

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Here, you can actually say "mest" or "best"


I agree. I think most people would say: "Jeg liker deg/han best."


My question is a different one. I thought that 'jeg liker mest' was a dependent clause, and that the adverb 'mest' should precede the verb (as 'ikke' does in other sample sentences. Can someone explain why is this not so?


I quite don't understand why "Du er den gutten jeg liker mest" is not correct?


I'm not an expert by any means but I believe the reason that isn't accepted is because 'den gutten' translates to 'that boy' in English rather than the definite article it's asking for ('the boy'). 'You are THAT boy I like the most.' also sounds odd to my native English ears as a standalone sentence - which I assume this sentence is meant to be perceived as. Unless it's being used to follow up a previous sentence where 'that boy' was used as a noun (such as 'That boy I mentioned? You are that boy I like the most') it doesn't sound right to me.


Thanks for the reply. Ok, I have not thought it like that. For me, it could also just mean insisting on "the".


Because "gutten" is "the boy." "den" would only be used here if there was an adjective. F. eks:

"Du er den vakre gutten jeg liker mest."


"Du er den gutten jeg liker best." is a normal Norwegian sentence. "Hva liker du best, sjokolade-is eller vanilje-is?" is a normal Norwegian sentence to children. You don't say: "Hva liker du mest?"

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