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  5. "Some women are beautiful."

"Some women are beautiful."

Translation:Bazı kadınlar güzeller.

May 28, 2015



bazi, biraz, birkac - what are the distinctions between them?


bazı and biraz are both "some", but some has 2 different meanings. birkaç is "a few".

  • some: being an undetermined or unspecified one. this is "bazı" in Turkish As in "Some people are here": Bazı insanlar burada.
  • some: of a certain unspecified number, amount, degree. this is "biraz" in Turkish As in "I ate some cake": Biraz kek yedim.

"Some people ate some cake and a few apples": Bazı insanlar biraz kek ve birkaç elma yediler.


Best explanation ever :)

So, to test my understanding...

There are a lot of apples and I am eating 2 or 3 of them - bazi elmalar yiyorum

There is a pile of chopped up apple, and I eat some of it - biraz elma yiyorum

There are lots of apples and I want to say I am eating a few of them - birkac elma yiyorum

So if I ate a lot of them would it be bircok elma yiryorum?


correct! Except that in the first example, "bazı" makes the object accusative, so i should be "bazı elmaları yiyorum" :)


Thanks. Doesn't matter how many times i red the stuff on using accusative, I just can never get it. If I was saying that I had some (as in a bit but not all) of a specific Apple, would it that also be accusative? Biraz elmayı yiyorum.


no, that would be "elmanın birazını yiyorum" (I am eating some of the apple)

Turkish never seemed so complicated to me until I started answering questions here :)


Ok, you've lost me. I'm going to bury my head in the sand now. Maybe I'll go eat some apple(s) (the) :D


"kasedeki elmanın birazını yiyorum"


Biraz is more like "a bit"

Eg... I ate a bit of cake

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Why does güzel take the plural suffix?


It is not plural suffix. It is third plural person suffix(bazı kadınlar). You have to add it even in noun sentences.


Then why is "güzeldir" also an acceptable answer? :o)


'Kadınlar' is enough to understand that the subject is plural. So can use both 'güzeldir' and 'güzeldirler'. For '-dir'... It is technically third person present suffix but it is usually used when it is scientific knowledge or generally accepted things. Here, it is used because it is a kind of a fact for the owner of this sentence.

Bütün insanlar birbirlerinden farklıdır. (All the humans are different from each other.)

Sürüngenler soğukkanlıdırlar. (Reptiles are ectothermic.(cold-blooded).)

Kışın hava soğuktur. (It is cold in the winter.)

Zürafalar uzundur. (Giraffes are tall.)

As you see, if the -dir has any of these functions in the sentence it is only used in nominal sentences.


Bütün kadınlar güzeller ;)


is it possible to say "kadınların bazıları güzeller" Olar mı?


that's "some of the women", so some of some specific women, not exactly the same


Oh yes! doğru, unuttum sağol


a few questions ago i answered "birkaç iyi adamlar" this was considered false now i wrote "birkaç kadin çok guzel"

why doesn't it work?


Birkaç is more like 'a few' than 'some'. But it may be accepted.


Why are there two letter L's for güzeller?


Because it's "güzel" (beautiful) + "-ler" (plural suffix), simple as that ;o)


Thank you! Makes sense. Also appreciate the bazı / biraz explanation above.


Why is 'güzeller' here?

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Güzeller : They are beautiful. We use the plural to match the plural noun.


in another exercise I was corrected after having written "güzeller" instead of "güzeldir". Why?


It is totally wrong. It shou


"Some women are beautiful." Translation: Bazı kadınlar güzeller.


Bazı kadınlar güzel.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo

The -ler suffix is optional.


Sorry but really sucks this sexist tendency to use güzel (yok) so often in

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