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  5. "Hva tenkte du på?"

"Hva tenkte du på?"

Translation:What did you think about?

May 28, 2015



An other correct answer could be: What were you thinking?


Your translation would be "Hva tenkte du?" in Norwegian.


I think you meant, "What were you thinking about?" You're right, though, the simple past sounds strange with the "about." "What did you think?" would be in reference to something specific.


På in this case I think means 'about'


Again how does "pa" tie into sentence meaning??


, not pa. If you are on a borrowed computer and can't type the å, you can always use aa.

The translation of the sentence is "What did you think about?"


does this sentence mean "what did you think about" or "what were you thinking"? both are accepted but they have a different meaning in english. i would say it rather fits to the first one, but then how would you say "what were you thinking" in norwegian? like asking a child why did he draw on the walls with permanent marker.


The Norwegian sentence can mean either of the two. Context and intonation will be of help.


that's rather interesting. thank you for the quick answer :)


Doesn't really make sense to me to end it with 'about'. Shouldn't it be followed up with that, it, them etc.?


How can I tell if it past, present or future tense


Hva tenker du på - now.

Hva tenkte du på - past (Hva tenkte du på da du .....)

hva vil du tenke på når du sitter på flyet til Norge ... future

Hva har du tenkt å gjøre i morgen. future.

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