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"I am looking for a university."

Translation:Я шукаю університет.

May 28, 2015



Wouldn't the accusative of університет be something like університету?


Concerning italics, they do look kind of different. After all, they are based on handwritten shapes. However, only a few letters really have different designs. Lowercase з and у get descenders, в gets and ascender (which does not make them harder to recognize).

Here are the letters that look quite different:



и т б г д й are the letters I've struggled with before in cursive, and look quite different to their print form (at least in lower case). All the rest are quite easy to guess.

(I'm not sure if they're the ones in your image, it's not showing up for me)


It would :) <- wrong answer


It was marked as a typo when I wrote it :(


Oh, I am sorry. I gave you a wrong answer. I am just not that good with names of cases in English

Університету is genitive.

Every case in Ukranian has "questions" associated with it, one for creatures and one for inanimate beings.
For example, for a nominative it is Хто? (Who?) and Що? (What?).
For an accusative it is Кого? (Whom?) for creatures and Що? (What?) for stuff. So, for inanimate beings accusative is the same as nominative. For creatures it is the same as genetive.

It is the only case where such a big distinction is made


That was very helpful, thank you!


...isn't Accusative different from Nominative for feminine-type nouns in Ukranian (in singular)?


I believe it should be translated as "common gender". They are nouns that can be either masculine or feminine based on the sex of the person they refer to: сирота (orphan), плакса (weeper), нероба (idler, layabout), базіка (chatterbox), бідолаха (poor thing), лівша (lefty)

It's not that I am not confident with my English, but grammatical terms - I have never been taught how to say that in English, I learn it now as I am trying to explain something to people.

Ukranian italic looks like cursive: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/i_helm/25443779/26410/26410_original.jpg


Thanks for reminding!

It is not just feminine, but nouns of first declension and feminine adjectives. They should end in -у.


Yeah, I mean nouns like "мама"... so, some of them are not feminine in Ukranian? Looking at "тато" and "дядько" I thought that masculine nouns don't go there, unlike in Russian (папа, дядя)


it's feminine, masculine nouns and іменники спільного роду(? like плакса, бродяга) that in nominative end in "а" or "я".

Just like in Russian, no?


іменники спільного роду

Please explain, your English is better than you think :)

BTW, are some Cyrillic letters supposed to look entirely different when written in italic? г looks like an inverted 's', и like 'u' and т even looks like an 'm'. Or is there something wrong with my computer? :/


Bluthund-I'm pretty sure that's how cursive letters look. I have a Russian cursive book and some letters look considerably different from their non-cursive form.

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