"Soon we will speak Ukrainian well."

Translation:Скоро ми будемо говорити українською добре.

May 28, 2015



what about розмовляти

May 28, 2015


You can use any of this words in the meaning of knowing some language, but говорити is more common. Розмовляти is mostly used in the meaning of having a conversation

May 28, 2015


How about казати?

May 21, 2018


Why is it українською and not українську?

April 11, 2019


An adjective/noun is in instrumental case

May 26, 2019


But isn't it the direct object?

June 6, 2019


It is an object in Ukrainian, but English as I know doesn't have that type of object that is used in Ukrainian. "Ukrainian (language)" here is an instrument that you use to speak

From wiki: "Modern English expresses the instrumental meaning by use of adverbial phrases that begin with the words with, by, or using then followed by the noun indicating the instrument:

I wrote the note with a pen. I wrote the note (by) using a pen.

Technical descriptions often use the phrase "by means of", which is similar to "by use of", as in:

I wrote the note by means of a pen. I wrote the note by use of a pen."

So, the closest literal translation is "Soon we will speak by use of Ukrainian language well"

June 6, 2019


So if we use українську this is totally wrong or it is a way to say it?

July 31, 2019


Yes, it is wrong. The right way to say it will be " українською"

August 5, 2019


What about незабаром or невдовзі? Or do they have a slightly different meaning?

August 28, 2017


No, they are synonyms and could be used here

August 5, 2019
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