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Curious Russian: Injuries & Sicknesses

Following the request here I decided to write this short article.

Life is life. Here are the most important words and phrases to know if something bad happens to you.

First of all you’ll need to find help and explain the problem:

I need help - Мне нужна помощь (Mne nužna pomoŝ’)

I don’t feel good - Мне не хорошо (Mne ne horošo)

I feel bad - Мне плохо (Mne ploho)

If things aren’t that bad and you don’t need serious medical help:

I have a fever - У меня температура (U menja temperatura)

Dizziness - Кружится голова (Kružitsja golova)

Cut - Порез (Porez)

Bruise - Синяк (Sinjak)

Hurt - Ушиб (Ušib)

Sunburn - Солнечный ожог (Solnečnyj ožog)

I feel nauseous - Меня тошнит (Menja tošnit)

When a doctor is needed:

I have a toothache - У меня болит зуб (U menja bolit zub)

I have a stomach ache - У меня болит живот (U menja bolit život)

My back hurts - У меня болит спина (U menja bolit spina)

And when it’s even more complicated:

Injury - Травма (Travma)

Dislocation - Вывих (Vyvih)

Fracture - Перелом (Perelom)

Burn - Ожог (Ožog)

Be prepared for the diagnosis:

Flu - Грипп (Gripp)

Cold - Простуда (Prostuda)

Poisoning - Отравление (Otravlenie)

Cancer - Рак (Rak)

Pregnancy - Беременность (Beremennost’)

Take care and stay safe!

May 28, 2015



One that they always give in those travel phrasebooks at the airport, which I reckon is important, is "Is there a doctor who speaks English?" Could you add that one, please? :)

Great list!


I think if you scream loudly enough "Doctor, English" people in any country will understand you need medical help and don't speak their language=) Thanks for the request though - I'm always looking for new topics to cover.


Thanks for this. Russian wins for the most all time beautiful language. And I dare you to find a cooler looking letter than ж. You can''t. :D

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