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Translating Open Source software projects

I'm interested in participating in a group of interested duolingo'ers that are open source oriented who'd like to give back to that community by translating OS software to different languages. Right now I'm studying Brazilian Portuguese. Lots of great projects out there like Open Office, Libre Office, VLC, True Crypt, Tor, OpenPGP, Wordpress, Django, etc..etc.. Leave a comment in this thread if you have an interest to participate.

September 28, 2013



I'd be interested, but I don't think I'd be useful yet, so far I'm only partway through my Spanish tree, and I'd assume most software is already in Spanish. Either way, I'll be following the discussion,


Awesome. I'm studying Portuguese and am not at a level that I would feel useful yet either.


If you were hypothetically ready (and BTW it does beg the question how does one know they are 'ready'?), what project would you consider tackling first ?


Here are some projects that would be interesting to support: http://redecentralize.org/interviews/

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