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Ukrainian tree conquered

Hip hip hurray. My fifth complete tree here on Duo.

Disclaimer: I am a native Russian speaker, so it was much easier for me. The keyboard issue also wasn't that hard. There are exactly two characters which are not present in both Latin and Cyrillic keyboards. The 'є' and the 'i' with a double dot. To use the Latin 'i' I kept switching keyboard layouts from Cyrillic to Latin. Having Hebrew layout as well didn't make this switch stuff easier, but it was manageable.

Ukrainian tree sure was fun, and I'd like to thank the entire Ukrainian team for their efforts in bringing this course to life.

Дякую, Леонид.

May 28, 2015



I bet, your Russian name in Ukrainian should be written as 'Леонід', at least this is the correct spelling for the name of the 1st and the 2nd Ukrainian presidents ;)


Probably, yes. Ukrainian "и" equals Russian "ы", and both of them have no English equivalent :)


There are no "и"/"ы" at your name :)


There is a Russian "и", however, which might sound weird if pronounced Ukrainian-style


Awesome, congrats. I have been studying Russian for a year and I am a native Croatian speaker so I'm staying away from Ukrainian because I don't want to confuse it with Russian. I made it to level 4. I'm ready for Duolingo to release Russian! Ochen lyublu ruskiy yazyk!


Bio sam u Hrvatskoj - vrlo lijepe zemlje. Рад, что ты любишь Русский, надеюсь, курс скоро выйдет.


Hvala puno, i ja bio tamo u hrvatskoj isto ;-) Ruski yazyk... eto ochen krassiva yazyk, i kulturiya, istoriya tozhe. Mne bolshe nravitsa Russki muzyiku tozhe. Ufff ya izuchiau kazdy den polchasa! ;-) hahaha


"Русский язык - очень красивый язык". "Мне больше нравится русская музыка". For a half an hour per day you sound pretty advancing :)


Bolshoy Spasiba! I started with Rosetta Stone which screwed up my first 5 months of learning Russian, I would be even better but I'm progressing swiftly. Thank you!


Cool. If you need any help with Russian - you're always welcome.


Ahhh I looooove Croatian <3 Vrlo lijep jezik :D

I too am looking forward to the Russian course, I studied it years ago but I'm so out of practice, it will be good to have Duo prodding me every day. I also hope we will get Croatian at some point :)


So level 10 is a final level? Or can we complete a tree without completing all the lessons (by any means besides taking tests)?


The max level currently is 25 for any language. However, the level reflects the amount of training done on that tree. I finished the tree having level 9, but finishing the tree is not the end - you should strengthen the skills, and then you'll level up

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