"You are my brother, so I support you."

Translation:Du er broren min, så jeg støtter deg.

May 28, 2015

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Why is 'du er min bror' not accepted?


Hvorfor er "du er min bror" feil?


Could the word order in the second half of this sentence be "Du er broren min, så støtter jeg deg."?


No, not in this context. Using the order "støtter jeg deg" makes in sound more like a question in this sentence. You could however use "Du er broren min, derfor (therefore) støtter jeg deg".


Andershava, does that mean that different words used to connect the two clauses (så, derfor, etc.) have a different effect on the kind of clause the second part of the sentence is? And where could we maybe find a list of those words and their effects?


is a coordinating conjunction (a conjunction placed between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences of equal rank), like og, eller, or men.

derfor is a subordinating conjunction (a conjunction that introduces a subordinate clause), like når, at, or mens.


I know this question may not seem so smart, but according to språkrådet, "så" is an adverb. How do you say it is a coordinating conjunction?


In this context, it's a coordinating conjunction. In other contexts, it can be an adverb, e.g. "jeg er så smart" = "I am so smart".

"You are my brother, so I support you." vs. "I am so smart." Same word, different usage.


Thank you -- totally understandable. However, I have checked two well-known dictionaries and none of them mentions "så" as a coordinating conjunction and its quite surprising to me.


"Du er min bror, så jeg støtter deg" should be accepted (I suppose), but it is not.


It should be accepted. If it was not accepted and you are sure there was no typos or missed words, just report it.


Can it be because of the focus?

Min bror er søt / Broren min er søt = My brother is cute.

Du er broren min, så jeg støtter deg = You are my brother (...) and that is why I support you

Not sure, I'm just guessing.


My answer of " Du er min bror så jeg stotter deg," was not accepted. However, I spelled it stotter instead of støtter. Usually minor spelling errors like these are considered typos. But not this time!


I answered, "Du er min bror så jeg støtter deg", and it was marked wrong, so I have reported it.


Could you not say "du er bror min" here? I thought that was how the words are ordered, but it said it must be "min bror"...? I'm confused.


It can be 'broren min' or 'min bror'


Why is it wrong to use dere instead of du?


Dere is only for plural "you".


-Said no young sibling ever


I ve noticed that it is writen in two different ways


You are my brother but above all is Law.


Can anyone explain in terms of V2, how is "støtter" in the second place in this sentence / clause? What is in first place?


Jeg støtter deg: The verb is in the second place. "Så" is a conjunction here. So you should omit it while counting.


... and therefore I should also not count the first half of the sentence ("You are my brother") but rather treat it as two separate sentences, joined by a conjunction which I should omit?


Your guess is correct. Consider it as two more or less independent sentences attached each other by "så."


Great, takk

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