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  5. "Я хочу грати на піаніно."

"Я хочу грати на піаніно."

Translation:I want to play the piano.

May 28, 2015



What is "на" and why is it needed? I saw another sentence like this but with "у'' instead of "на." What do they mean?


на (on) + locative with musical instruments, у (in) + accusative with sports

Грати на піаніно, грати у гольф (to play golf)


Why is it "піаніно"? Is it some kind of diminutive of піанo?


We don't have an instrument called піано :)

But it's from from italian pianino (small piano). This must be the big one http://goo.gl/jy736h, so this is small http://goo.gl/MgqvzO. That big instrument (grand piano) is called рояль, small one піаніно and the whole class is фортепіано

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